Tracking and Reporting Student Careers Interventions Effectively

Finding a way of recording, tracking and reporting Careers interventions is something that a school can spend the majority of the annual budget in. We’ve put together a handy guide on how you can do it for free.

There are plenty of Careers Leaders out there who don’t currently make use of Compass Plus to record and track interventions. Either they can’t get it to work or there are still lingering GDPR issues that can’t be ironed out. The easiest way of solving this problem is by developing an ‘in-house’ method of tracking.

Below we have provided some detailed guidance on how, with help from a Data Manager, you can utilise the functions of your Management Information System to do so. The examples below make use of SIMS but we are sure that similar systems can be created using other applications.

This shows how it’s possible to use the ‘Maintain Achievements’ section of SIMS to create a ‘Zero Tariff’ entry that relates to any user named intervention. This way you can add entries individually or in baulk. The step-by-step guide above will show you how to record them.

The document above illustrates how it is possible to pull the intervention data across to auto-generate Careers Reports, which can then be sent home to parents. Your Data Manager can do this using the same methods used with termly assessment data reports.

Have a go and let us know what you think, we would love to hear if you have got this to work in your own school. We are particularly keen to hear from schools that have applied the process to a MIS that isn’t SIMS. Let us know your thoughts and successes in the comments below.

These materials were originally developed at Oak Academy in Bournemouth.

9 thoughts on “Tracking and Reporting Student Careers Interventions Effectively

  1. We use Unifrog, so that Students, Teachers and Parents can view the careers intervention notes, advice and guidance. It also has the added bonus of being able to upload the students interactions and any teacher engagements be that from academic or career staff onto Compass Plus.

    1. Thanks for letting us know – undoubtedly Unifrog offer a really power application, we hear so many good things. If you have the money to spend then Unifrog is definitely one to consider high up the list.

      1. To be honest, if we didn’t pay for Unifrog, I would definitely use Compass Plus. The added benefit of Unifrog, which is why we use it, is that it is a one stop platform for everything to do with careers and personalised careers guidance. The choice out there is so confusing for students, that it is just great we can direct them to one platform for virtually everything.

  2. Having one single system that integrates all that students need is the best solution – this limits lost time with the retrieving access details. Compass Plus is a great, free tool for schools/colleges to use for tracking purposes.

    Sadly, there are still too many schools who can’t integrate it with their MIS and others that still feel it too much of a GDPR risk. We have been advised that schools who can’t get it to work, should contact for assistance.

  3. This is a great idea and makes it all so simple to navigate through, going to give it a go tomorrow and I will let you know the outcome.

  4. This is really interesting. Back in 2012 I asked my then boss if there was a way of recording careers info on SIMS and nothing ever came of it. Now, reading this, I’m excited to see that it can be done and actually looks pretty simple! I am now in an independent school and we are not allowed access to Compass + so this will be a godsend, as we pay for Morrisby and so I wouldn’t be looking at Unifrog (wasn’t overly impressed with it anyway at my last school). So I will be investigating this and thank you!

    1. We’re all too happy to help! Trying to find the simplest, cost effective and impactful solution to a problem is a delicate balancing act. Do let us know how you get on with it and we would love to see the results.

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