How Careers Leaders can talk to parents and carers about Skills Builder Homezone

The Skills Builder Partnership supports schools and colleges, organisations, and individuals to develop the eight essential skills.

Building essential skills with our children and young people has been shown to not only improve their social and emotional wellbeing, but also enhance their learning and academic attainment – as well as their future employment outcomes.

A quick calculation indicates children and young people on average spend only about 20% of their waking hours in lessons at school. As Careers Leaders who empower parents and carers to support skill development at home, we want to work with you.

Skills Builder Homezone is a new, intuitive, and inclusive platform created especially for parents and carers to help them to get involved in building their child or young person’s essential skills at home. By taking a ‘no pressure’ approach, Homezone easily complements any work done in school/college.     

Homezone is simple to use and was developed in line with the stages of our Skills Builder Universal Framework. Parents/carers navigate to its homepage, choose the stage their child/young person is at by following clear guidance on the screen, then find out more about the skill at that stage. To get them started, it provides a suite of tools like conversation prompts, skill-based questions, and activity suggestions.

Young children are encouraged to get offline and enjoy developing their skills with their parents/carers. Meanwhile, older children and young people are pointed towards the appropriate tools for independent use, which contain clear links to Skills Builder Benchmark and Skills Builder Launchpad. Homezone also gives parents/carers and their children access to our popular weekly skills challenges, with the option of signing up to have these sent straight to their inbox.

Homezone will allow parents and carers to engage in their child/young person’s skill development at a time and pace to suit their family, will highlight the importance and transferability of the essential skills and strengthen the link between home and school.

We encourage all Careers Leaders to share this free-to-access platform with their parent and carer communities. We have heard of Carers Leaders signposting via school/college social media channels, their digital portfolio solutions (with the option for families to upload what they have done) or by including brief details and website links within newsletters or their school web pages.


I’ve just had a first look at Homezone – such simple but thought-provoking ideas…things that we don’t always find time (make time) to do or talk about at home.’ (Parent to 3 Secondary age students)

I love the look and feel of Homezone. I am excited thinking of what my kids and I can do together having seen the suggestions.  It’s really simple to follow – it’s really clever!’ (Parent of 2 Primary aged children)

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