Teach First StudentEmployer Network: bringing together schools and companies 

It sounds silly to say but there is often a huge gap between what schools think employers want and what employers think schools can provide or how they operate. This is doubly strange when you frame this around Gatsby Benchmark 5 and the need for schools to provide encounters with employers and employees.

One network that is trying to find a solution in this space is the Teach First supported Student<>Employer Network. Their aim is to bring together schools and companies to share ideas and best practice about employability support for young people as they explore the world of work. The network itself is led by four Teach First Ambassadors who are all social enterprise leaders with a shared aim of improving equality in education and employment.

Their recently released report provides a practical guide for engaging young people with the world of work (found below and here). Focusing on 10 specific areas, they identify the problem within those areas but provide sensible and practical solutions to solve them.

Some of the areas identified include:

  • Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of programme delivery
  • Investing in essential or soft skills development
  • Increasing paid work opportunities
  • Offering meaningful experiences of the workplace

This really is a quality report chock full of practical solutions, written in an engaging way that goes a long way to solve this ever-present problem. Have a look at their network website and please do download the report above.

The Student Employer Network is running a webinar on Monday 25 April, 11.30am-12.30pm to show businesses how easy it can be to start engaging with students. To book a place below or click here



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