Here you can find a range of Podcasts that will support your Careers strategy – unless otherwise stated these Pods aren’t created or owned by the network.

The Open Circle Podcast Episode Three: The aspiration trap

In this episode Tim & Dr Alex Blower (PURSUE co-founder) discuss the nature of the ‘aspiration trap’. Aspiration?! A term that has plagued higher education policy and research for far too long! Expect more frank and uncensored discussions as Alex shares his lived experience as a working class learner and academic with a hell of a story to tell! Click here for more information.

The Open Circle Podcast Episode Two: Through the eyes of boys

In this episode we discuss white working class boys and why they are one of the least likely cohorts to enter higher education despite representing approximately a quarter of all learners in education. Expect honest professional insight and frank discussion from our guest, Chris Bayes who shares key findings and approaches from his lived experience growing up and working in Merseyside. Click here for more information.

The Open Circle Podcast Episode One: Is the one-off approach dead?

In this (our 1st) episode we discuss if the one-off approach to Widening Participation and Outreach events is dead? If so what are the alternatives to support learners towards higher education? Expect honest professional insight and frank discussion from our expert guests: Ant Sutcliffe (Head of Higher Horizons) and Andy Griffith (nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational trainer, consultant and writer). Click here for more information.

(Series Two) Parent Power Oldham Episode Three: Being a Governor

Jodie’s Story – Tune in to hear Jodie’s story of how and why she became a school governor of her child’s school and what it’s really like behind the scenes!

The Career Sphere Episode Eight: Social Media

Listen to Jasmine Ye, Social Media Account Executive at That Lot, share her experience of working in marketing and communications, managing the social media accounts for the likes of Amazon.

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(Series Two) Parent Power Oldham Episode Two: Together We Can

Bev’s story – Tune in to hear how a South London parent campaigned to bring about real change for her children and community by holding the London Mayor to account!

(Series Two) Parent Power Oldham Episode One: Adult Learning

Raheila’s Story – Hear the inspiring story of how Oldham mother of five, Raheila re-entered education in her 40s to become a teacher.

Parent Power Oldham Episode Eight: Problem Solving

In this last episode of our first series the team explore the skill of problem solving. Expect personal and open conversation with tips, advice and suggestions to try out for yourself.

The Career Sphere Episode Seven: Management Consulting and Finance

Listen to Christine Taylor, Director at PwC, discuss her experience of working in finance top professional services firms like Deloitte and PwC.

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Parent Power Oldham Episode Seven: Teamwork

In this episode our Parent Power Team panel will discuss the importance of teamwork. Expect tips and takeaways along with stories on this crucial skill.

The Career Sphere Episode Six: Physiotherapy and the NHS

Listen to Erin Tsang from the NHS discuss her experience of working on the frontline during the COVID pandemic, and how she established herself as a Physiotherapist.

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Parent Power Oldham Episode Six: Adaptability

In this episode the panel are joined by motivational speaker and friend of Parent Power, Kamal Ellis-Hyman to explore the key skill of adaptability. Expect parents stories, hints and tips that can empower you.

The Career Sphere Episode Five: Marketing and Sales

Listen to Robyn Schormann from Vodafone talk about life in sales and marketing roles, talking about her experience in the job, what skills she needed and how this let her move internationally.

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Parent Power Oldham Episode Five: Creative Thinking

In this episode we meet up with the South London Parent Power panel to get their perspective on why creative thinking is such a key skill to have as a parent living in 2021.

Expect personal accounts, tips and fascinating debate from our friends down south.

The Career Sphere Episode Four: Engineering at the Airport

Listen to Fernleigh Timpson from Heathrow Airport talk about life as an Engineering Graduate, covering aspects of water, rail and the terminal buildings. 

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Parent Power Oldham Episode Four: Communication

Communication sure is a key skill within all walks of life but as a parent how do we get our children to reflect on what they hear and what they feel is expected of them? How can we get them to consider messages and stereotypes which discourage their progress?

The panel spark a fascinating debate with myth busting and inspirational stories that may make you think again on the aspirations of your child.

The Career Interview Episode Ten: Owning and running a brand photography business

This week, Rachael talks to Laura who runs her own branding photography business ‘SocialLaura’ in Perth, Australia aimed at helping female oriented businesses express themselves authentically online and bring their vision to life. Laura shares the highs and lows of what it’s really like running your own business – some you’ll know and some you definitely won’t.

Laura demonstrates that running your own business means you can make it work for you and enable it to give you the lifestyle you want and just because others are 100% productive all the time and are up at 5am everyday, it doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do. Laura is such an inspirational woman who is proof that if you are willing to make that jump and just give things a go, then magical things do happen. We also touch on how to deal with imposter syndrome and how she knew when it was time to leave the corporate world. If you’re into photography or have a passion that you want to turn into a full time job, then this is the episode for you.

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The Career Sphere Episode Three: Computer Science, Animation and Teaching at University

This week students can listen to Pete Kemp share his career journey and thoughts on working as a software developer, 3D animator and university lecturer.

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Parent Power Episode Three: Time Management

It’s TIME for the 3rd episode of our Parent Power Podcast series. What has arms, no legs and can fly without wings? …….TIME!

In the third instalment of PPP- the panel explore and discuss the role of time management in their daily life as parents. Sharing hints, tips and inspiring accounts on how time management can improve your child’s future in today’s challenging world!

The Career Interview Episode Nine: Product Director at Focal Agent

This week, we’re talking to Michael who has spent the last 12 years working in product management roles. Once upon a time you’d only hear about product manager roles at big tech companies like Google but in today’s world where businesses are having to be super customer focussed, and release new products and services quickly, the role of product managers has become even more important.

Michael has rode that wave of growth over his career where he’s been involved in designing life saving beacons, wearable tech and smart several smart home products. It’s fair to say product management is a massive growth area and we were only able to scratch the surface in this episode where Michael talks about what’s involved in product management, the key skills that are important and some of the challenges product managers typically face. Michael also shares his incredible story of how he ended up entering the world of product management which involved working in a disused cheese factory with one of his best friends.

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The Career Sphere Episode Two: Electrician and Trades

This week students can listen to Dan Stevens share his career story of how he became a qualified electrician. In a bonus feature, below you will find a lesson plan idea that you could use with your students, ideally in form time or during PSHE.

Our friends at Ambassadors in Business would love to hear from you if you use the podcast or lesson plan. Get in touch by emailing ambassadorsinbusiness@gmail.com or finding us them on Twitter found on our About Us page.

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The Career Sphere Episode One: Working in TV and News

Students can listen to Sonia Matharu, from ITV News Central, share her career story of entering the world of TV and News. A link to the new ITV Production Trainee scheme can be found below.

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The Career Interview Episode Eight: Senior Account Manager at Creative Agency Ogilvy

This week, Rachael talks to another Rachael who is a Senior Account manager at Ogilvy, a global creative agency that is part of WPP, which is considered to be the world’s largest advertising company. Rachael works with Boots to produce their health and beauty magazine but has previously worked on brands including Chanel, River Island and Pizza Express with some of the most well-known and respected agencies. Rachael talks through how each issue of the magazine goes from concept to delivery, what the role of Ogilvy is in helping Boots to create unique content and to what extent it’s like Devil Wears Prada at work! She also touches on the most important skills as an account manager, what she loves about her role (think an all expenses paid trip to Dubai) and what the difference is between media, creative and production agencies. We also discuss how competitive the agency world can be so she shares her top tips on how to get into the industry when you’re still early on in your career and have less experience.

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Parent Power Episode Two: Resilience.

Why is resilience a crucial skill every child needs?

In this second episode you will hear from the Parent Power panel, discussing issues and challenges faced by parents today. Expect topical debate, inspirational accounts and tips on how you can further promote resilience in your child.

The Career Interview Episode Seven: Life as a freelance 2D animator

This week, Rachael delves into the world of 2D animation with Diana who is a freelance animator. Despite Diana considering to become a nun or an architect as a young child, it was when she became fascinated by how her most loved cartoons such as Scooby Doo and Ed, Edd n Eddy were made and watching a documentary about how the original Snow White was made that she realised she wanted to pursue animation. Diana talks through the end to end process of creating a short film working with a client as well as all the different types of roles involved in creating a short film if you don’t want to be the one producing the drawings! We also discuss the pros and cons of working as a freelancer as well sharing tips on how to negotiate with clients and how to attract clients. Diana also shares a lot of important advice of how to move into and progress within the animation industry. 

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Parent Power Episode One: What is Parent Power

S1E1: Introduction. What is Parent Power?

Calling all parents – we’ve launched our Parent Power Podcast – by parents, for parents!

In the first episode you can find out about the Parent Power project and how this podcast will explore the important topics relating to your child’s education and future. Expect hints, tips and personal stories along the way.

The Career Interview Episode Six: Business Development Manager

In this week’s episode, Rachael talks to Katherine who is a Business Development manager for Seedrs, a leading equity crowdfunding platform that allows anybody to invest from as little as £10. Katherine finds start up companies who want to raise investment on the Seedrs platform and supports them through the whole process from creating their investment strategy to running their crowdfunding campaign. Katherine shares her experiences and her advice on what it was like starting a career in law and making a career change at the age of 28 into the relatively new crowdfunding industry. And we also touch on how she moulds her role to focus on the industries she’s personally passionate about such as fem tech start ups and sustainable consumer brands as well as encouraging other females to invest.

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The Career Interview Episode Five: Life as a local GP

This week, Rachael speaks to Rajat who is a GP in a local surgery. The NHS is one of the biggest employers in the world with 1.4 million staff in England and deals with more than one million patients every 36 hours. We discuss the different places a GP can work, what a GP does outside of just seeing patients and the key factors to consider when choosing the right surgery for you. Rajat also explains how a surgery is run as a business, what the most important skills to be a good GP are and what it takes to become qualified as a GP. Rajat was extremely humble and anyone listening to this episode will no doubt appreciate the hard work that GP’s undertake.

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The Career Interview Episode Four: Architect Director

In this week’s episode, we’re talking all about architecture but not about the typical type of projects you may first think of such as designing office buildings or schools. Rachael talks to Kara, who has recently become a shareholder and director at Metaphor; a design company predominantly working in the cultural sector who focus on bringing stories to life through design. Kara has worked on a wide range of projects from the national mining museum to the incredible Winchester Cathedral and shares her experiences of what it’s like working in a small company, how Metaphor find the best way to tell the stories of a museum’s collection and how the role of an architect changes as you progress up the career ladder. We also touch on what it’s like working in a predominantly male industry, what’s involved in the 7 years of training to become an architect and the most important skills to be successful.

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The Career Interview Episode Three: Life as a Primary School Teacher

This week, Rachael talks to Joanna who is a primary school teacher. Practically every child says they want to become a teacher at some point in their lifetime – this was also true for Joanna. We discuss what’s really involved in being a primary school teacher. Here’s a clue, it’s not just about teaching kids to read and write and to do sums and you don’t necessarily get to finish at 3:30pm everyday. We talk about the really important skills to be a great teacher, her tips and techniques on how to maximise her classroom’s learning and how you can find out for yourself if teaching is really for you. If you think you know everything there is to know about being a teacher then think again!

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The Career Interview Episode Two: CGI Animator in the ‘Movie Business’ at Framestore

This week, Rachael finds out all about the movie animation business with Jasmine who is a CGI animator at Framestore; who have helped produce just a few films you may have heard of… Harry Potter, the Marvel movies and Paddington 2 just to name a few. It’s been Jasmine’s dream to transport her audience to a different world ever since she was a little girl and she truly embodies that ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’ mantra. We talk about everything from the different kinds of animation you can get involved in, the end to end process of creating a 90 minute film, why nine gag is an important work tool and the many reasons why working in animation means you can be a big kid your entire adult life! 

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The Career Interview Episode One: Supply Chain & Activity Manager for a Global Confectionary Brand

This week, Rachael talks to Kate who works in supply chain in the innovation team for a leading confectionary brand. They discuss why an effective supply chain is critical in being able to launch new products quickly and what it’s like working for a large company vs a start-up. She also talks us through what she loves about her role and what skills are important such as managing ambiguity. As well as what options there are in getting into supply chain apart from just doing a graduate scheme.

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Chartered institute of purchasing and supply

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