The Careers Link Governor – A Critical Friend

Jon Datta reflects on our recent article on the importance of buy-in for effective careers delivery. Thankfully, schools can increasingly call upon their very own Careers champions who sit on a Local Governing Body at a school (or Trustees at a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)), helping to support whilst remaining unafraid to challenge existing provision for Careers Education, allowing it to thrive – the Careers Governor.

Opportunity for all – Schools White Paper: a response

As you will be aware the government recently published their long awaited Schools White Paper and it sets the government’s ambition for the future of education in schools. Without doubt it’s grand on the ‘why’ and ‘what’ but understandably light on the ‘how’, we took a detailed look at what it said about Careers…sadly, it didn’t take long!

How youth explore, experience and think about their future – OECD

Somewhat of a hidden gem in this month’s Education and Employers Research Digest. How do we know what really works in career guidance? That is the question that the OECD’s Career Readiness project aims to answer. The Project draws on the best available international evidence to understand how schools can reduce student risk of unemployment and poor school-to-work transitions

The importance of buy-in: the push versus the pull

The difference between being dragged or pulled and being pushed is not just a semantic one. We all know and have worked with people who need one or the other, it isn’t often that you meet an individual who needs both. The same can’t be said of organisations or leadership teams where to sell your worth or project you need to be equally adept at doing both.

Opportunity: Burges Salmon Social Mobility Business Partnership

There are now just a couple of weeks for students in year groups 12 and 13 to apply for National Online Week through the Social Mobility Business Partnership, which takes place from 11th to 15th April. This is a great opportunity for any eligible student, no matter where they are based, to engage and interact with some high-profile businesses in an online live session.

Opportunity: Schroders Trainee and Apprenticeship Programme

Global investment manager Schroders have a range of one to two-year apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities now open across London and Horsham. These include Audit, Tax, HR, Marketing, and many more. A new two-year Operations Academy in their Horsham office will also be available, which provides exposure to Operations teams at the heart of Schroders.

National Careers Week 2022 Launch Day

On Monday 7 March 2022, the launch event for National Careers Week took place in Newcastle at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was great to welcome the event to the North East for the first time and to celebrate the amazing work of schools, further education & higher education providers, training providers and employers across the amazing North East region. The event was wonderfully organised by our amazing colleagues at the North East LEP who have really led the way in driving careers education across the area.

The paper CV is dead!

The paper CV is dead! It had a good run – 540 years to be precise. Accredited to the polymath Leonardo da Vinci in 1482, the paper CV began with a letter to the Regent of Milan. In the letter da Vinci – who was 30 years old at the time – showcased his skills and accomplishments, and unapologetically boasted about no less than eleven things he would bring to the city of Milan. Needless to say, da Vinci got the job! Submitting a paper CV, however, has joined the growing list of things that are no longer common practice as our world becomes increasingly digital. So I ask you this: if da Vinci was compiling his CV today, what would that look like? 

The Sutton Trust Paving the Way Report: a response

Today The Sutton Trust released their Paving The Way Report and their findings make for some difficult reading. The report is a thorough examination of Careers Guidance in Secondary Schools and they found that although improvements have been made in the 8 years since they last looked at this there is too often variability in careers provision. Differences can clearly be seen between state schools with more and less deprived intakes, and between state and private schools. Below we take a look at the most hard to read findings but also shine a light on the recommendations for government, the CEC and schools/colleges/governing boards.

Teach First StudentEmployer Network: bringing together schools and companies 

It sounds silly to say but there is often a huge gap between what schools think employers want and what employers think schools can provide or how they operate. This is doubly strange when you frame this around Gatsby Benchmark 5 and the need for schools to provide encounters with employers and employees.